Adidas x Towelie Shoes

The Adidas x South Park Towelie Shoes Drop on 4/20. 

You will never forget to bring a towel when you’re wearing these official Adidas x Towelie Shoes! Inspired by Towelie, South Park’s favorite towel, these limited-edition sneakers are dropping just in time for your 4/20 celebrations. Constructed with Towelie’s signature terry cloth material in purple and featuring his eyes on the outer tongue, these shoes let you celebrate your favorite South Park character with every step you take. Two iconic Towelie quotes are featured on each inner tongues of each pair, including “Don’t forget to bring a towel” on the left shoe and “I have no idea what’s going on” on the right. Also, a small hook-and-loop pocket on the inside of the tongue lets you store whatever you can roll up and stash away. Step out into the sun and watch Towelie’s eyes turn red from...uh...allergies...for a unique look. Get these bad boys on 4/20 at 10 AM or test your luck by entering the Adidas x Towelie Shoes raffle in the Adidas CONFIRMED App. Winners will be announced on 4/20. These sneakers are sure to blaze a trail for you everywhere you go!

Click here to check out the sneaker unboxing!